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news John's Journal # 64 Reflag Invoice and Credit Memo for Export to Accounting
07 Mar, 2017
John’s Journal is a newsletter to provide SMARTSystem™ Users with the latest software highlights and solutions to improve business operations. SMARTSystem updates are included with your Software Support Plan (SSP). We have added a new program that will reflag customer credit memos for...

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document What to do when not all of the product is received on a Purchase Order
When you click RECEIVE ALL it populates from the quantity ordered to the quantity received. If you have product that was not received, click on the line in the #Received column and set to zero…tab out of the field to record it. Now you have a choice to either: Receive the PO and...
document Changing the Default Buyer for a Particular Staff Login
Sometimes you may want to change the default Buyer that is associated with a particular staff's login in SMARTSystem. The default Buyer is determined by the Buyer Code selected from the dropdown menu on your staff table screen. When you log on to SMARTSystem, this is the Buyer that the system...
document Inventory Adjustments, Types of
There are two types of Inventory Adjustments: Type 1 - Quantity Adjustments Type 2 - Cost only Adjustments
document Inventory Flow Chart
Here is a chart giving the flows of inventory information through the system.
document How to Add Customers
How to Add Customers In the file menu bar select the word “Customers” from the list. In the drop down list under Customers choose “Customer Entry.” A pop up window entitled “Customer Table Maintenance” will open up to the tab called “Contact Info.” ...